About Us


Fair Price Legal exists because there is a need for affordable but experienced and aggressive legal representation for people in our community. Too often we hear that people cannot afford an experienced attorney, so they settle for less than what they deserve. 

Sadly, lawyers often have nothing in common with the people they serve and do not seem motivated by anything other than attorney fees. Of course, most lawyers are professionals that spend a lot of time and effort gaining experience and should be compensated for their time, effort, and knowledge. That said, I became a lawyer because I realized an attorney MUST be a member of the community they serve. Lawyering is a “people business.” If you cannot identify and empathize with the people you serve, how can you be effective?


Fair Price Legal is a full-service Life-Planning law firm.

We help you with what is important and foundational in your life and are dedicated to creating a full package that protects your loved ones in the event of catastrophe. Our services include: real estate (home buying and selling), drafting Trusts and Wills, Power of Attorney, and health care directives.

Our Life Planning service also includes divorce, custody/time-sharing, child support establishment/modification, and paternity cases.

We also use our immigration experience to assist a select group of clients on a case-by-case basis.

It is our goal to provide you with the BEST service possible at a reasonable price. Our office thrives mainly on past client and word-of-mouth recommendations.


I have been a licensed attorney in Florida since 2007 and have represented hundreds if not thousands of people. As a former Assistant Public Defender, I represented hundreds of people in criminal cases ranging from misdemeanor traffic cases to serious felonies. I created the Law Office of Mario R. Theodore in 2008 and strengthened my criminal defense experience while broadening my legal knowledge and representing people in administrative cases before agencies such as the Social Security Administration and Agency for Persons with Disabilities.
Many of our clients are people whose first language may not be English, and they are nervous about the legal system. I understand that nervousness. I am the product of immigrants and have family members whose first language is not English. So, in about 2010 I expanded my experience to immigration representation and in 2012 renamed the office to Fair Price Legal. Immigration was and is so personal to me. So much so because I assisted my father in becoming an American citizen after he had been in the country for over 40-years! I have helped people from around-the-world with immigration issues ranging from simple visa renewals all the way through removal proceedings.
From its inception, Fair Price Legal has always represented people in Family Law matters such as divorce, custody/time-sharing, child support establishment/modification, and paternity cases. In 2010 I decided to also streamline the firm and concentrate in what I call full-service “life planning.”
My reputation is everything, and I want you to consider Fair Price Legal as YOUR law firm!

About Marlene

Marlene has decades of administrative and office management experience, speaks fluent Spanish, and is dedicated to our clients.

About Celicia

Celicia has years of experience in customer service, account management, and is the front-office “face” and “voice” of Fair Price Legal.